Although it is hard to understand, but it seems very powerful, what is this quantum hegemony it? According to the current mainstream argument:

"Quantum hegemony" is the United States California Institute of Technology physicist John Purcell Kiel invented the word, it is a quantum computer set a preliminary standard: the current top supercomputer can be completed into 5 to 20 quantum bits Quantum computers do things, but after more than 49 quantum bits, the quantum computer's ability to let supercomputers catch up.

So now the emergence of quantum computers, in fact, not enough "heavy", and did not reach the level of traditional supercomputers, but to achieve the level of quantum hegemony, the quantum computer is likely to become a substitute for traditional computers.

So the answer to the answer to the above, may be, who would like to put the next flag in the next revolution of the computer revolution their own flag.

Although the computing power of our electronic computing equipment is still rising every year, but in fact dominate the traditional computer speed continues to double the Moore's Law has been fast to keep up. And we have not yet reached the dream of playing 3A on the phone (scientists who control you this), so if the quantum computer has a breakthrough, then it means will once again usher in the early 21st century - every year the new computer can give you the experience of upgrading the explosion. And its brought about by the change will be greater, such as what VR, AR, artificial intelligence is not now this piece of semi-finished products look like.

From the beginning of 2015 this competition has been very intense, the main players are Google, IBM, Intel, Microsoft, but Intel focused on silicon quantum dot technology, Microsoft chose topological quantum computing, both are more popular, the main competition on Only between Google and IBM.

Previously China has not how to appear in this competition, the launch of the so-called "China's first quantum computer", behind the Chinese Academy of Sciences also Alibaba.

Quantum bits, that is, all the big brother in the competition of things, it follows two basic principles: quantum superposition and quantum entanglement, to achieve the ability to calculate the quality of the leap.