The Chinese Academy of Sciences on May 3 2017 announced that China has built the world's first ultra-early classic computer - the light quantum computer, independent research and development of 10 Bit superconducting quantum line samples, through the development of global entanglement operation, the successful realization of the world's largest number of superconductivity.


In fact, the Chinese Academy of Sciences is to use a heavy news to tell you, do not be shocked by whatever heavy news, the quantum computer ourself are doing. And no matter who broke, you still can not understand.


According to the introduction of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, China in 2016 for the first time to achieve a 10-ray quantum entanglement manipulation, and then on this basis for the construction of multi-photon "Bose sampling" task of light quantum computing prototype, faster than the previous international counterparts all similar experiments faster at least 24,000 times. After extracting the keywords, get the essence of this news: China builds the world's first 10-bit quantum computer.


The last breakthrough is Google in 2015, combined with NASA and the University of California, Santa Barbara announced the realization of the nine superconducting quantum bits of high-precision manipulation.


So the breakthrough point is that the 10-bit, compared to the previous world record maintained by Google and IBM's 5 quantum-bit quantum computers implemented in 2016, is the first time someone has put the operational quantum bits up to double digits.


Then the question is coming, why should it be so carefully a quantum bit to a qubit to go to the race? A bit of promotion is also so worthy of cheering?


On April 23, Google just set a Flag, to the end of the world to create the world's first computer can go beyond the traditional computer, to achieve 49 quantum bit control, to achieve "quantum hegemony."