Chinese PCB Industry New Crisis in 2017

    When the world's economy is expected to resume growth, the international financial markets gradually stabilized good news came, but many Chinese pcb manufacturers are forced to usher in the "order transfer" new crisis.

     On the one hand, those who rely on OEM manufacturers to develop small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises, can not digest due to the financial crisis brought about by the cost of rising pressure; the other hand, a serious lack of work so that many companies face a single open the embarrassing situation, At the same time, with the increase in the cost of factory workers wages, business input pressure is also growing. How to effectively solve these new crises, PCB manufacturers should have a deep thinking.
     IEK senior analyst Dong Zhongming said, as China's wage hike, increasingly stringent environmental regulations, water supply restrictions and downstream customer transfer and other factors, making China's production advantages gradually weakened, Japan, South Korea has long been actively deepen the production base in Southeast Asia, this Taiwan will also start in the south of 2016 policy, will be economic and trade cooperation, personnel exchanges, resource sharing and regional links and other four major planning in India, Indonesia, Thailand and other investment policies, and the establishment of the new south to the office.

     Thailand: PCB industry in ASEAN in the best performance:
     Although the average wage of ASEAN is growing year by year, it still has the advantage of low human cost compared with China. It is the third largest labor supply market in China and India, and the market opportunities, such as 600 million Consumption potential, 2.4 trillion US dollars in economic scale, infrastructure gradually complete the advantages, can quickly copy the mainland success model. Dong Zhongming said that the best performance of the PCB industry in Thailand, regardless of PCB imports and exports are more than 1 billion dollars in size, the world's 100 major auto parts manufacturers in 57 set up factories in Thailand, while more 28 Japan's auto parts and components factory in Thailand production, we can see the Japanese circuit board factory in Thailand, very deep layout.

     According to the survey data show that Japanese IT companies have their PCB orders to Thailand, and Thailand, PCB manufacturers are increasingly competitive. Thailand's president, Chancellor of the People's Republic of China, said Thailand's infrastructure is well established and the hub of ASEAN, the Thai government to promote the "Eastern Economic Corridor" (EEC) policy, and China's "one way along the" cross-regional projects linked.

     Kang Shude mentioned that the Thai manufacturing industry chain integrity, the United States and Japan's major brand customers in Thailand are equipped with production base, is the first choice for investment in Southeast Asia. Now the Thai government in order to face the industrial transformation, also proposed the Thai industry 4.0 policy, hoping to wisdom factory, wisdom city, and the wisdom of the people to promote industrial upgrading.