Vietnam and India's PCB Industry Situation

Vietnam: South Korea's manufacturing industry upstream and downstream industry chain integrity; India: electronics manufacturers will play the role of PCB industry development.
Vietnam and India's pcb industry
Dong Zhongming said that Vietnam's PCB exports only 500 million US dollars, compared to imported PCB is close to 20 billion US dollars. South Korea is operating in Vietnam, deep, production settlement north of the main, mainly driven by Samsung, investment sites include North Ning, Taiyuan and Ho Chi Minh City and other places. And some well-known manufacturing enterprises such as Gree, Supor, the United States, Galanz, Canon, etc., are relatively low cost of Vietnam to establish their own production base.

According to the Deputy Secretary of the Soviet Union, the Soviet Union, the Soviet Union base can radiate the Southeast Asian market, responsible for the Southeast Asian market of cooking utensils production, from Vietnam to Southeast Asia radiation, the Southeast Asian orders directly in Vietnam for production and sales.

BHflex is South Korea's seventh largest circuit board factory, the main products for the HDI, soft board, soft and hard combination board, in Korea, Vietnam, China have production base, Vietnam produced more than 200 million mobile phones, accounting for Samsung global mobile phone production 50 % Of the above, so the Korean manufacturing industry in Vietnam upstream and downstream industry chain integrity.

FPC industry outlook, KPCA said FPC in the battery application will be more and more, because in order to prevent the current is too large, the battery overheating and other reasons, and said FPC after the assembly to use a lot of manpower, Most of the factory in the post-process factory in China, Vietnam and other countries to do assembly processing, and BHflex is a small number of investment in Vietnam, the whole process of the mill.

Finally, BHflex President said the Fingerprint Identification module is a potential for emerging industries, future or sustainable concerns.

India: electronics manufacturers will play the role of PCB industry development
India's main PCB mills are concentrated in the western coast, about hundreds of small and medium-sized mills, the output value is not large, but because India has its own domestic brands, such as Micromax, Karbonn, Lave and Intex, 2016 from the Indian manufacturing Policy will lead the PCB industry.
Concerned about the Indian electronics market demand, the next three years, semiconductor design, high-tech manufacturing, IT systems and hard equipment, export and telecommunications products and equipment will grow significantly, which in turn the highest demand for electronic products and equipment to 2020 Year to $ 153 billion. Qdos data show that India's demand for PCBs will be $ 6.1 billion by 2020, with rapid growth in automotive and smartphone manufacturing.

In addition to the local production of soft board in Japan, the other is still the traditional single / double or low order multi-layer pcb board, mainly the supply of Japanese electronic home appliances produced in Southeast Asia, the main circuit board, And further through the Indonesian mobile phone sales of imported data to analyze, from 2013 to 2016, imports of mobile phones decreased year by year, showing that Indonesia's domestic production increased year by year, can also drive the demand for circuit boards.

Throughout the Indonesian investment appraisal, in Indonesia, the proportion of localization of mobile phones to create the requirements of the policy, the electronics manufacturers will play the role of PCB industry development.