Under the influence of the policy of the two countries on entrepreneurship and innovation, the local electronics industry has accelerated the transformation and the opening of the intelligent era. In this great era of intelligence, PCB copy board design technology upgrades are essential. With the development of smart phones, tablet market, portable terminal debut, emerging market car, medical, access equipment, etc., the product wants to achieve thinner and lighter, want to improve the communication speed, you want to achieve a variety of communication , Want to achieve a long battery drive, but also faster than competitors to market products, these are the need for PCB copy board, design and manufacture of higher requirements to meet the challenges of the intelligent era of change.

The New Requirement of PCB Copy Board Design in Intelligent

The arrival of the intelligent era, not only to ordinary people's life has brought convenience, but also on the various industries had a profound impact. In order to make PCB high reliability, it is necessary to PCB copy board, the design put forward higher requirements. Such as intelligent product requirements for the quality of the device, the requirements of the density of heat dissipation, the requirements of the ubiquitous Internet of things, and intelligent production of flexible equipment requirements, the requirements of intelligent machinery, the requirements of complex environments, etc. The These factors in the PCB copy board design should be taken into account, professional PCB copy board companies have to continuously improve the precision PCB copy board, flexible circuit board copy board, EMC design, SI high-speed design and other technical services.

Intelligent Times PCB copy board software to play the role

What is the role of PCB copy board software in smart product copy board design? Is it a tool for reverse extraction of PCB files? Is it a container for reversing the schematic diagram? Is the product BOM inventory management system? PCB copy board software in the ever-changing technological innovation, how will conform to the trend of development of the times, help a new generation of intelligent product copy board design? "From 2D design to 3DPCB design, from simple double-sided board copy board, to high-density multi-layer board copy board ... these simple changes, can not fully represent the future of PCB copy board design." Dragon PCB copy board experts said, "Solve the current PCB copy board software really 'sore' is to achieve full customization services, and constantly improve the efficiency of research and development.

Intelligent era PCB copy board design to DRC inspection

Good PCB copy board design begins with full DRC inspection in the layout tool. The PCB design of today's intelligent age is becoming more and more complicated, and DRC inspection is becoming more and more complicated, and there is usually a huge gap between layout designers and copy board engineers. They have different design expertise, use different tools, use different , And ERC / SRC (electrical rules / simulation rules) to fill the gap between the two.

In short, the intelligent era, PCB design complexity will continue to improve, simple PCB copy copy clone has been difficult to meet the design requirements, PCB copy board is a one-stop service system has become a trend, PCB copy board should be integrated into The entire industry chain, close to customer needs, to achieve full customization services and so on.